Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What is true happiness? Everyone's opinion on true happiness is different. We all have a different outlook on life, a different personality, and a different brain. No one is even close to the same, and that's one thing we must accept in our lives. There is not always going to be someone out there who can get along with us, who can understand us, or who can treat others with respect.

Stress is the problem. If we all didn't have stress, we would be brought together happily. Having to worry about things is what makes our youth so violent. They drown in problems that they wish they could change, but since they know that they cannot change things, they just do whatever they can to get by in life. At the moment, I don't know what I've done to myself. I have got myself into a point in my life that I didn't think I would ever be in. I pondered a whole lot, and in the last few months my outlook on life has changed in ways that I cannot explain.

In a good way? A bad way? I cannot tell. I learned a lot from what has been happening, I benefited more than I lost. But I don't know what would happen had I not made the "mistake" that I did months ago. I honestly think that I dwell on the bad side of life too much whenever anything goes remotely wrong. There is nothing for me to worry about right now in life, but I feel as though I've lost myself. I feel as though I've lost contact with the good memories in my life. They are so distant, yet so far. Is there anything I can do? No, there is not... So why bother pondering about it? If I was a careless person, nothing would bother me... Maybe that's one thing I have to change. We can all change, whether we think we can or not. Take it from someone who once contemplated suicide every day, before realizing I had serious talent... Talent to change the world in ways unimaginable. Ways in which no one can match. Everything is fine... I have nothing to worry about. I am approaching my final year in high school, and I am ready for my childhood to end...

I want any of you to think deeply about all of the mistakes you think you have made, and how they have positively affected who you are today. Learning lessons is what you must do in life, for that is what life is all about... Learning something new every single day...

Every day is different... every day, you must make a new start.

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